Not Connected? What are you waiting for?

Simple ....Reliable Technology Solutions for Fiber,Copper and Wireless Networks

A growing number of people and business are looking for solutions to stay connected with work, telephone services, faxing services, internet services, streaming media, remote video access and custom solutions for there homes, offices, or new construction.

Hy-Tek is Certified in Fiber Optics, Copper Data Networks along with building and managing LAN and WAN networks. Numerous IT Certifications and Training allows hy-tek to deliver a quality solution you need.

Networks incorporated into your building and expansion needs can support speeds up to 10GB p/sec. Currently hy-tek designs and builds networks in 3 areas of media transport (Copper,Fiber,Wireless). The scale of projects range from large new construction to single end user solutions.

Advanced Concepts and Designs

Design and Building Media Services (Internet,TV,Telephone)

Each year Hy-Tek upgrades on the most common or practiced standards when it comes to our field of expertise.

Being a leader in our design and installation areas, along with support and solution experience allows us to provide advanced solutions for advanced problems.

When it comes to designing, installing, building, or working with the client we have great ideas and approaches to non-standard problems and technical boundaries.

Technology is growing faster every day, people are looking for Internet, Telephone and Television services, there is aging infrastructure (ex:old phone lines) that will not adapt correctly or provide the overhead required to allow these services to flourish on demand. Hy-Tek can offer long term solutions in your project to sustain growth and future technologies.